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    Prunier 20 Year Old Cognac - 70cl (40%)-MagnumOpusWines
    Prunier 20 Year Old Cognac - 70cl (40%)-MagnumOpusWines

    Prunier 20 Year Old Cognac - 70cl (40%)

    This 20 year old Cognac from Prunier House is a revival from the past respecting the old traditions. 
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    Cognac Prunier 20 Year Old
    Cognac Prunier 20 Year Old
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    Prunier 20 Year Old Cognac: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait!

    Age statements are still rare in the world of Cognac, but this excellent release from Maison Prunier proudly displays its age. The 20-year-old Cognac Prunier is a limited edition, with only around 2,500 bottles produced.

    All of the eaux-de-vie in this blend were aged in medium toasted 250-400 liter oak barrels resulting in a fairly dry and fresh Cognac reminiscent of the style of the early 20th century.

    From the 19th century until the Second World War, vintages played an important role in the Cognac trade. In 1986, inspired by their vintages found in auction houses, Maison Prunier sought to revive this tradition. As the family was in possession of barrels of eaux-de-vie selected and kept in cellars controlled by the tax authorities, they were able to prove the age of their Cognacs.

    This 20-year-old Cognac is a revival of traditions from the past, a step beyond rough "minimum age" categories like VSOP or XO. Aged in humid cellars on the banks of the Charente river, it has reached exceptional maturity and finesse - proof that nature rewards those who wait. It's no surprise that Wine Enthusiast magazine awarded 20-Year-Old Prunier Cognac an impressive 91 points, thanks to its "surprisingly light and fresh" aroma, which is "scented with chamomile tea, cedar and Honey". When you leave nature to do its work you are always rewarded.

    Pale gold, bright with an orangey touch.

    The nose is rich and the structure is distinguished giving signs of the origins of a chalky soil. Aromas of fresh hazelnuts, butter, almonds, gingerbread and Santal wood.

    The mouth is mellow, long and full.  This cognac has been distilled with light ‘lies’.  Final woody impressions with the same aromas as to the nose together with bitter chocolate, leather and honey.